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vogel0712WMH Herion and Bird drive technology start their cooperation with two quality versions of optimally coordinated rack and pinion drives. The combination of low-backlash planetary gearheads, high-precision pinions and racks offer maximum precision and energy efficiency as well as a long service life.

The rack-and-pinion drives allow effortless acceleration as well as μ-precise positioning of even tons of machine tool portals. The high-performance system is used in a wide range of industries: from drive and automation technology to machine tool engineering as well as robotics and handling, as well as for use in plastic, foil and wood processing machines.

The rack-and-pinion drives are available in two versions: precise and highly precise, in different versions. Precision MPRN gearboxes with feather key connection and standard backlash connect a 6h25 rack and a 7e25 pinion. Further advantages result from the exact and centric seat of the hub and easy installation. The High Precision MPRW gear units with toothed shaft connection on the output are characterized by a maximum of ≤ 1 to 3 arcmin mainly due to the reduced backlash.

The splined shaft connections transmit the torque efficiently and enable reversing operation. Adapted to the high quality of gearboxes, pinions and racks, the splined shaft profile DIN 5480 is used. The output gears in the quality 5e24 are characterized by highest linear rigidity and accuracy. The precision ground rack is executed in the quality 5h23. It has lower tolerances and more flatness and ensures high-precision work in the complete system, resulting in smooth, efficient process sequences.

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