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sumitomo0612Sumitomo introduces a new precision gearbox that, due to its high tilting rigidity and accuracy, is very well suited for applications where high external turning and tilting moments or inertia must be coped with. The F4CFS-UA 115 should therefore be of particular interest to manufacturers of robots, positioners and handling systems.

According to Herteller, the F4CFS-UA 115 precision gearbox is one of the best robot gearboxes in the world thanks to its high positioning and path accuracy, even at maximum dynamic alternating loads. During the development, particular care was taken to optimally distribute all occurring load forces, so that it works very precisely, without being disturbed by high external torques.

Areas of application are above all railway applications and positioning tasks (point to point), such as pallet changers, bending heads, swivel changers, disk magazines, chain magazines and swivel tables. A typical application is the use in the palletizing robot to absorb high tilting moments and axial loads.

The gear type measures in outer diameter 570 mm and follows functionally the "Cyclo" principle. The two-stage reduction gear runs through the special contour of the cycloid cam extremely low vibration with an optimal distribution of the load forces occurring. In the UA 115, the second-stage cams are combined with four spur gears, which, as the first stage, in turn engage in a central, toothed drive shaft. The spur gears are each connected to an eccentric shaft, which in turn drive two symmetrical cams of the secondary stage.

The high coverage of the cycloid cam sections with the outer bolts and the uniform distribution of forces within the gearbox ensure that the compact unit achieves an acceleration torque of up to 30 000 Nm. In the event of an emergency stop, the precision gear can be safely loaded up to 60 000 Nm. The integrated angular contact ball bearing allows downforce on the output side of up to 44 000 Nm with a tilting stiffness of 25 000 Nm / arcmin.

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