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Harmonic Drive

The series of the CPL installation kit Due to its weight, it represents the lightweight gearbox of the Harmonic Drive. All components of the already relatively light standard gearbox have been weight optimized. The Flexspline output flange has been optimized to the minimum required geometry in terms of hole pattern and dimensions. This results in a larger inner diameter of the Flexspline flange, which allows a larger hollow shaft.

For example, the CPL series was weight-reduced by 50% compared to the HFUC series with the same performance data. In addition, the mass moment of inertia has been reduced by 40% compared to the HFUC installation kits. To transfer the maximum torques, the two-sided diamond-tipped "EKagrip" disc is used on the Flexspline output flange of the CPL gearbox kits. Characterized the coefficient of friction between the surfaces to be screwed Flexsplines and the customer's output flange is approximately tripled, so that the required torque can be transmitted with fewer and smaller screws.

We also managed to reduce the weight of the circular spline. The Circular Spline, with its T-shape, has an optimized weight-to-radial stiffness ratio that is of great importance to the torque capacity and overload capability of the transmission. The Wave Generator has been reduced in cross-section to absolute minimum dimensions. The inner diameter of the Wave Generator has been enlarged analogous to the inner diameter of the Flexspline output flange, so that very large central hollow shafts can be passed through the complete transmission. The gearboxes of the CPL series are mainly used in the areas of service robotics, handling, medical technology and aerospace.

The CPL series is available in five different sizes with up to five ratios (50: 1, 80: 1, 100: 1, 120: 1 and 160: 1). In addition to these standard products, special designs can also be produced according to customer requirements. The smallest of the series, the CPL-14A-50, with a size of 32,5 x 60 cm and a weight of 110 g achieves a max. Torque of 18 Nm; At the top, the series is completed with the CPL-32A-160, which achieves a torque of up to 372 Nm. Like all Harmonic Drive transmissions, the CPL-2A range also complies with the Harmonic Drive operating principle, which promises high torsional rigidity, torque capacity and torsional rigidity, zero backlash, long life, and high efficiencies when properly used.

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