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zimm0212The Screw the GSZ series of Zimm offer a smooth surface gear for specific applications and industries such as they are, for example, be found in the food industry. In addition to easy cleaning option is to wait just as powerful and just as the Z-series gearbox manufacturer. The GSZ-unit series is suitable for a lifting capacity of up 2,5 100 kN. They are available in stationary or rotating version.

One of the big advantages of the manufacturer's latest series of hoists is its convenient and clean maintenance. The spindle lubrication can be carried out during operation by simply attaching a grease gun to the filling nipple and pressing in the spindle grease. So the fat comes exactly to the right place. The choice of the right, optimal spindle grease is also offered by the manufacturer. The gearbox itself is sealed and lubricated for life during normal operation. The separate lubrication system is decisively responsible for the high performance of the screw jack. Another advantage of the Z and GSZ series is the standard corrosion protection.

The new GSZ series is fastened by means of threaded holes in the gearbox, while the Z series can be fastened via through holes. Integrated pivoting eyes on the Z-gearbox enable a swivel connection directly on the housing. The screw jacks are supplied as fully assembled and ready-to-install units, on request there are detailed design drawings with parts lists and installation instructions.

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