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iefwerner0112When positioning camera systems, adjusting inkjet printer heads or adjusting sensors, in manufacturing, assembly or quality assurance: The manual rotary adjustment unit MDV from IEF-Werner is used when exact rotary motion is required. The newly developed version MDV 80 / 100 has now integrated a higher-quality worm gear, with which the backlash can be further minimized.

Previously used on the MDV series integrated Spindelstockarretierungen to reduce backlash in the gearbox, this is done with the type MDV 80 / 100 by delivery of the worm wheel. In the worm gear used, the spindle is axially displaced and pressed into the worm wheel. This reduces the game to a minimum. For the user, this means even higher repeating accuracy in the positioning than was possible with the other adjustment units of this series. The spindle is also counter-balanced on the MDV 80 / 100. This allows the unit to absorb much higher torques and is therefore more resilient. While it has been able to accommodate up to 2 kg, the new version now has 10 kg. This significantly expands the field of application of this adjustment unit.

The exact positioning is optionally carried out with a rotary knob or with a handwheel. The knob is grooved and like the handwheel with a resolution of 0,5 ° per graduation. The spindle has a clamping mechanism, which can also be retrofitted. The compact system is available with 55 mm turntable diameter. This can be mounted from above and from below.

The turntable can be equipped with an electronic position display whose resolution is 0,1 °. Chain and absolute dimensions as well as a reset function can be integrated.

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