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systecNew in Portfolio of Systec is the worm gear S030-50, which offers a force deflection of 90 degrees with highest precision. The mechatronic team has succeeded in putting together a particularly accurate and powerful worm gear. The translation of 50: 1 converts the maximum drive torque of 0,24 Nm into an output torque of 12 Nm. The high-precision gearbox not only shines with its maximum backlash of only 3,3 arcmin.

The 1 kg heavy gearbox in the aluminum housing with dimensions 92 x 44,5 x 92 mm has a worm made of steel and a worm wheel made of aluminum bronze with an 14 millimeter hollow shaft. With its integrated Hall sensor, which defines the reference point, it is particularly suitable for exact angular positioning.

The reason for the development of the drive component was the construction of the ready-to-install positioning system "Driveset M108R". It is a linear system with an additional rotation module. This automation component is very well suited for image processing or test automation applications. The designers found that the market did not offer a suitable worm gear for the required rotation module. Requested were class properties of 5 min-1 and a thrust force of 30 N of linear motion at a repeat accuracy of 0,25 degrees of rotation.

For the drive set, the gearbox works as the first tool-moving axis in a kinematic structure with a two-phase stepping motor. The linear axis is also driven by a stepper motor. The motor drivers are integrated into the system's "Xemo" control.

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