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DeschThe "Servox" product family from Desch was specially designed to meet the high demands placed on the kinematic motion profile of highly dynamic forming machines. In addition to the low mass moments of inertia in the planetary gearbox, an integrated, hydraulically released brake makes an additional safety / holding brake superfluous. For the high-tech test bench of the Fraunhofer Institute, the manufacturer supplied the main drive components.

The Servox used in the test bench have a static braking torque of 6600 Nm and are equipped with servomotors from Siemens. Other engine makes are easily adaptable. Due to these characteristics in combination with the high dynamics of the electrical components Servox is suitable for use in machines with pendulum stroke and modified ram speed. In addition to increased productivity in different work processes, the system also provides the user with cost savings thanks to the compact design.

The unit is equally suitable for new machines and for the revaluation of used machines by a conversion to the Servox drive system. The product family includes servo drives with one and two-stage planetary gearheads, the DS version with several motors for transmission of very high drive torques as well as special customer-specific solutions.

At the Institute of Machine Tools and Forming Technology, a servo press bench was developed and built for research purposes. The concept of the test bench is based on an 2 point servo eccentric press and consists of several modular assemblies. The pressing force of 1000 kN with a stroke of 250 mm is applied via 2 drive modules of 500 KN. The modules can also be operated separately. The interchangeable modules are driven by Servox transmissions with 25 kNm output torque each at a ratio of i = 6.

In addition to the development of the drives, Desch had responsibility for the hydraulics required for lubrication of the gearbox, for controlling and cooling the safety brake and for the two overload safety units of the test bench.

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