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SPN Swabia precision puts in addition to the planetary gear E2 the custom gearboxes in the focus. Time and again there are special installation situations in machines that make the use of a standard gearbox impossible. This can usually be achieved by developing a special gear additionally optimize the space requirement.

In addition, special gearboxes meet only the absolutely necessary requirements. This saves costs in the series for unnecessary options of a catalog product.

Ideally, cooperation with the customer begins with the creation of the specifications. After the constructive phase, testing is carried out with prototypes. Parallel to the customer tests, the gearboxes can also be tested on the test bench at SPN. From the results of the tests, a re-design before a pilot run is launched. Often it makes sense to integrate mechatronic components in such a transmission. Depending on the application and customer-specific application, the integrated mechatronics can monitor the operating states such as temperature, oil level or end positions, determine mechanical parameters such as speed, torque or forces, or integrate completely new functions such as a shiftable clutch.

The special gearboxes are used in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering: for example in textile, packaging or machine tools, in the food industry, in medical technology, in handling equipment, switch technology or in plant construction.

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