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ZFZF Friedrichshafen presents the new two-speed manual gearbox "ZF-Duoplan HS 150", a hollow-shaft gearbox integrated in the drive train. It is particularly suitable for use in machining centers with an input rated torque of 150 Nm for all common motors in this power range. The advantage of the HS 150 is its novel, patent-pending transmission concept:

By decoupling the planetary gear set in direct gear (1: 1) at high speeds, the rotating masses are reduced. This results in many advantages over conventional two-speed manual transmissions: short acceleration times, lowest temperature development and lowest vibration values ​​of <1mm / s. Resource efficiency in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency can now be documented by the "Blue Competence" brand of the VDW.

Machines can be used flexibly with the HS 150. It can be switched from "highspeed" to "hightorque". So you can choose between high torque and high speed. In addition, the gearbox offers high efficiency and maintenance-free operation over the entire service life.

It can be compactly and space-savingly integrated into RAM internals and can be used both horizontally and vertically, for example for machining centers. Depending on the engine control range, extended control ranges of constant power at the main spindle can be achieved with Duoplan gearboxes. This results on the one hand in the lower speed range high torques for machining hard materials and on the other hand in the upper speed range high speeds for soft materials.

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