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The new hollow shaft planetary gear drive "Felis Drive" from Harmonic Drive Suitable for rotary axes where accuracy and high torque are required at high speed. In the planetary hollow shaft drive, the Harmonic planetary gears of the "Triton Line" are combined with highly dynamic synchronous motors. An essential feature of the Felis Drive series are the central hollow shaft and the compact design. The hollow shaft can be used for the implementation of supply lines, waves or even laser beams. This feature significantly simplifies the design in many applications.

During the development of the gearbox special attention was paid to compactness and the synchronous characteristics, so that the torque ripple and the cogging torques could be considerably reduced. Equipped with a heavy-duty output bearing, the gearbox can absorb high axial and radial forces as well as large tilting moments. This prevents tilting of the gearbox and enables a long service life as well as consistent accuracy.

Using a "Hiperface" or Siemens compatible motor feedback system with sinusoidal waveform, the new series is compatible with many digital AC servo drives on the market for sine / cosine motor feedback systems. The drive is suitable for operation on servo drives from 230 VAC to 400 VAC. Felis Drive is initially available in two sizes, each with the 5 and 20 reduction ratios and with a maximum torque of 145 or 420 Nm.

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