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Harmonic DriveEMO Hall 25 stand E24

Harmonic Drive
presents the new transmission technology "Cobalt Line". By optimizing the flexspline and circular spline toothing as well as the shape of the wave generator, the torque capacity could be increased by about 30% and the lifetime by a further 40% compared to the previous HFUC technology. With a load of the same torque, the service life is even higher.

Comparing the Cobalt Line gearboxes with the previous HFUC design, the lifetime is even more than three times longer. For the time being, the new series is being developed for six sizes and covers acceleration torques from 23 to 841 Nm. For frame size 40 a repeatable peak torque up to 1530 Nm is available.

The new technology is offered as a kit for direct integration into machines or as a finished gear unit with housing and output bearing. In order to meet the most varied demands on the market, the units are available as 2UH versions as well as high-precision CPU versions. The output bearings of all units are equipped with a heavy duty cross roller bearing, which safely absorbs high axial and radial forces as well as high tilting moments. As a result, the transmission of external moments and forces are kept free, whereby a long life and consistent accuracy can be ensured.

The use of the uprated Cobalt Line transmission technology not only increases machine performance but also significantly extends service life.

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