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WittensteinThe servo worm gear of Wittenstein Meets all resource requirements Efficient servo application: more power in a smaller space, lower power consumption and longer life. In particular, the usual increase in the backlash over the service life of worm gears is reduced to a defined minimum by the optimization of the special hollow flank toothing. Due to its extremely high power density, the "V-Drive" is predestined for applications with very limited space.

Special hollow flank toothing enables transmission of up to 50% more torque. This means that not only a downsizing of the required transmission, but also, as a consequence, is an option for the entire powertrain. Overall, a higher power density and thus more power in a smaller space is achieved. The very unusually high efficiency of up to 97% for servo worm drives results in lower energy consumption because very little energy is lost. In addition, the special features of the V-Drive ensure a long service life, high overload safety and low wear. In terms of sustainability, the V-Drive thus meets all the requirements for a resource-efficient transmission.

Recognizing savings potential already in the construction - Wittenstein alpha offers its optimization software "cymex 3.2", which helps in the design of dynamic and energy-efficient drives and thus savings potential of up to 50% over the current state of the art: The customer can do so to assemble the optimal powertrain for your individual application from several components. Currently supplemented by resource-efficient calculation options such as for "downsizing" the overall drive or - via the so-called "Umweltbutton" - the calculation of energy consumption. The consideration of the drive costs over the entire service life can also be included in the evaluation. The parameters of service, maintenance, acquisition, as well as disposal costs lead to a holistic evaluation of the drives. When commissioning their individual drive train, all customers can be sure that they have selected the optimum from millions of options - in order to be able to offer their customers the most efficient drive package.

The servo worm gear V-Drive+ is ideal for all common servo applications with the highest demands on precision and dynamics. These range from machine tool engineering and automation technology (eg in combination with pinion / rack), through packaging technology and the food industry (wash-down version), to printing, textile and winding machines (due to their optimum synchronous behavior). Due to its extremely low running noise, it is also predestined for applications in the field of medical and stage technology.

V-Drive+ in combination with pinion / rack represents a perfect energy-efficient system solution. The economical alternative to the V-Drive+ forms the series V-Drive economy with a backlash <8 arcmin. This transmission family also uses the principle of hollow-flank toothing, which guarantees the transmission of maximum torques at efficiencies that are uniquely high for worm gears.
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