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GroschoppGroschopp now has the powerful ones VE40 worm gear with a rated torque of up to 45 Nm depending on the selected gear ratio in the program. These are of a similar modular design to the VE31 and can be combined with flanges and geared feet, and operated variably in all positions on the engine. Especially in the low gear ratios, the VE gearboxes achieve a considerable efficiency for worm gears. The execution VE40DB with translations of up to i = 15 are at values ​​of 0,8 and above.

VE transmissions are characterized by their longevity and their particularly quiet operation. Compared to the predecessor model, the maximum allowable power loss has been increased, which is now four times higher with 95 W than with the VE31. In addition to a large selection of translations, there is a corresponding diversity in the cases. The VE series are available with cover, foot or various flanges and therefore also compatible with standard motors. Optional custom-made versions of this series are possible.

The output shaft of the solid shaft version can protrude freely on one or both sides, as required by the application. In the hollow shaft design, the input shaft is mounted, allowing easy installation of standard drives. The hollow shaft design can also be easily converted by a separate stub shaft in a full shaft design, providing maximum flexibility. This stub shaft can be mounted right or left. As a full-shaft design, the transmission has an even higher efficiency than the hollow shaft design.

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