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BaumuellerBaumüller has added two new gearbox variants in four sizes to its BPN series precision planetary gearheads: the BPNF with integrated flange and the BPNA with angular gearbox. With this extension and the compact design, both gearboxes are suitable for use in cramped spaces in machines. Reduced running noise, lower energy consumption and high efficiencies also speak in favor of the new series.

BPNA and BPNF are significantly shorter than the previous series. In addition, the flange and angular gearboxes score with their precision, dynamics and low-backlash operation. Due to their high power density, they are also suitable for applications with a sophisticated technical level. The BPN series are available in four sizes. Eleven translation graduations in the BPNA and twelve in the BPNF enable optimal adaptation to the respective application. The degree of protection IP 65 allows use in harsh industrial environments. Both transmission series can be combined with the manufacturer's DSD and DSC motors.

The BPNF with integrated flange meets the requirements of a fast dynamic drive due to its torsional stiffness and low backlash in combination with smoothness. In particular, by a backlash of less than an angular minute precise positioning is guaranteed even at high dynamics, thus ensuring improved control properties. In addition, the transmission can absorb high radial and axial forces. The mounting position of the BPNF planetary gear is arbitrary. In addition to the standard lubricant, low temperature and food grade lubricants are also available.

The angular gearbox BPNA is not only smaller, but also significantly lighter than the BPSA series. The lower weight leads to reduced energy consumption for moving axles, which makes energy-efficient production possible. A hypoid gearing optimizes the transmission function. Since the tooth flanks do not touch on the entire tooth surface in this design, the wear is minimized and the transmission runs quieter. At the same time, a translation up to 10: 1 without planetary stage can be realized. This results in an increased output torque. In addition to the smooth design of the output shaft, other types of shaft such as splined shaft or feather key are available.

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