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ebmThe new reinforced "Performax Plus" transmission series from Ebm-Papst can be combined with the powerful electronically commutated drives (BLDC) from the ECI 63 and VDC-3-49.15 series. Due to the larger gear widths in the first gear stage and the combination with gearboxes made of hardened steel in the output stage, the gearboxes not only achieve up to 100% higher continuous torques but also a significantly increased impact resistance in the event of overloads. Reinforced bearing points in the output stage provide additional reserves during load transfer. Reductions up to 204: 1 and continuous torques up to more than 60 Nm can be achieved in fine gradations.

Combined with ebm-papst's energy-efficient GreenTech EC technology, these high-torque, long-lasting drives can be combined with optimally matched engine-gearbox combinations for particularly high service life requirements or dynamic applications with increased peak loads. With drive powers up to 400 W, new drive solutions are constantly being created for many different applications, such as: In industrial automation, intralogistics or medical technology.

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