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NabtescoThe servo motor drive with many round tables will RV-precision gears implemented by Nabtesco. A solution with worm gears that were previously installed appears frequently, in terms of wear resistance and poverty increasingly unsuitable. With comparatively high wear and vulnerability to shocks or shock worm gears are on the client side is not very popular. Alternatively, high-precision Zykloidgetriebe the RV-E series of Nabtesco are used, which are characterized by advantageous features:

The contact between the cycloidal disk and the housing takes place with little wear on the rollers and ball bearings, which extends the service life and ensures a low backlash. The integrated, preloaded angular contact ball bearings increase the rigidity of the gearbox and can absorb high external forces and moments. In addition, the uniform force distribution within the transmission allows a high shock absorption. The patented, two-step reduction principle reduces vibration and inertia and allows for gear ratios of up to i = 240, depending on size. The gear ratios can be easily selected and changed. Thanks to the variable gearbox design, reduction adjustments are possible without changing the outer contour or adapter parts. That is, inside only the gears are varied, outside everything remains the same: attachment, attachment, engine.

In order to optimize the high demands placed on precision for precise positioning and rotation for machining workpieces, rotary tables usually use a drive with two electrically preloaded gears. The preload of the gears provides the solution for an absolutely precise and stiff operation. Up to the upper limit of the preload, which is usually one third of the rated torque, thus no elasticity in the transmission can take place. Mechanically still slightly given game is additionally compensated by the control and thus reduced by the electrical tension and the still existing minimum game to zero. A hydrostatic bearing can be used to achieve 10 mm concentricity and axial travel - an excellent value for a turntable.

The RV-E transmissions consist of only a few parts, which contributes to the compact design. Due to the extreme rigidity of the compact gear unit with integrated angular contact ball bearings, high machining forces and tilting moments can be accommodated and maximum machining performance can be achieved.

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