wittenstein0719EMO Hall 8 stand E22

Wittenstein presents the "Galaxy "Drive System in a compact version. In addition, the company is presenting smart transmissions that are equipped with industry-standard integrated sensors and have IO-Link connectivity.

According to the manufacturer, galaxy has been scientifically proven to be a superior transmission type due to its design and is recognized in important sectors such as high-performance machine tool manufacturing. Responsible for the backlash, the very good synchronization with high rigidity Torque density and overload capacity is the completely new gear design. This is characterized by dynamized individual teeth instead of a rigid toothed ring, a tangential and full load in the load case, hydrodynamic contact during meshing and the new type of storage with segmented outer ring. There is now a compact version with Galaxie D in size 085 for use in smaller milling heads and handling axes. It fulfills the special requirements for torsional rigidity and backlash that prevail there. In addition, the ultraflat galaxy DF in sizes 110 and 135 will be presented.

Smart Cynapse functionality includes a fully integrated sensor module, IO-Link data output with resulting I4.0 connectivity, and logic to monitor the actual and threshold monitoring of selectable parameters. The gearboxes can detect and store different influencing variables from the process as well as the operating environment that affect the gear unit during operation and communicate with automation systems and with all common IIoT platforms.

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