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Nord0519For bulk transport offers Nord Drive Systems powerful drive systems, Reliable, safe and robust, they ensure trouble-free operation even under the harshest environmental conditions. They can be individually controlled for precise, dynamic bulk material feed control.

For the transport of bulk material, conveyors are required which differ in conveying direction, mass flow, conveying length and construction. The drives ensure an uninterrupted flow of material. Belt conveyors are conveyor systems that serve the continuous transport of bulk and bulk materials, for example in mining, mechanical engineering or in plastics and paper recycling. Particularly large conveyor lengths, quantities and speeds can be implemented. Belt conveyors are characterized by a circumferential belt made of rubber or plastic and tension members for stability. The conveyor belt is deflected over at least two drums, wherein at least one drum is driven and sets the belt by means of belt friction in motion.

For large belt conveyors with high capacity, the durable and low-maintenance "Maxxdrive "-Industriegetriebe, in which bearings and sealing surfaces of the block housing are manufactured in one setting. The latest generation Maxxdrive XT has been supplemented by an application-optimized two-stage bevel-helical gearbox - ideal for belt conveyors in the bulk solids and minerals industry. The power and speed range was specifically tailored to the target industries.

Thanks to the two types, the front or bevel gear units in the foot, flange or slip-on housing can be planned into the conveyor system with parallel axes and at right angles. They are mounted on a swingarm or frame together with a foot-mounted, high-efficiency IE3 engine and are connected to the engine via a hydraulic clutch.

Since most bucket elevator applications are subject to the development of dust, there is a risk of explosion if the dust is combustible. Here come engines and gearmotors Custom-made explosion protection, which the drive specialist assembles according to individual requirements from its modular system. A practical maintenance package consisting of protective measures and monitoring systems ensures that the investment also works under adverse conditions such as continuous operation, dust generation and weather conditions.

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