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NabtescoTrochoid gears are often used in the packaging industry RV series used by Nabtesco. The typical power transmission of the RV reducers via rollers allows high efficiency, long life and extremely low clearance. The rolling friction of all elements involved in the transmission also ensures a very low breakaway torque.

The patented two-step reduction principle (between drive and spur gears and through the cam disc) used on Nabtesco's RV gearboxes reduces vibration and inertia and allows for larger reductions. Nearly one hundred percent contact within the trochoidal pin design and even force distribution within the gearbox also allow high load with minimal backlash.

Based on the RV Series Trochoid Gearheads, Nabtesco's RD Series offers complete ready-to-install gearheads that are already filled with lubricant, sealed and hermetically sealed. Especially in the food and medical technology as well as in the packaging industry, these gearheads are often used because they are not only easier to install, but are already supplied pre-lubricated, which avoids subsequent lubrication with the associated hygiene problems and maintenance. With the RD series, Nabtesco has a large number of ready-to-install gear heads with and without a hollow shaft in the program. In addition, an adapter for the most common servomotors is already mounted ex factory on the motor-side flange. The large hollow shaft also allows the cables to pass through the inside of the gearbox. Thanks to their very rigid design and high precision, the RD series are particularly suitable for packaging applications where very fast positioning movements with high payloads are to be realized. Two integral angular contact ball bearings eliminate the need for on-site storage, which in turn reduces design time and costs.

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