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nord0818Robust, durable and durable is the industrial gearbox of Nord Drive Systems for moving stirrers, mixers and grinders. Two additional sizes and extruder flanges are now added to the modular series, offering new solutions for heavy-duty applications.

"Maxxdrive" -Industriegetriebe offer high power density, run quietly and are very reliable. Large rolling bearings make them particularly radial and axially resilient and durable and they are modular and flexible design. This allows a variety of mounting options. This makes the robust helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units in one-piece block housings suitable for numerous heavy-duty applications. Based on industrial gearboxes, the drive specialist designs complete drive systems for heavy-duty operation with motors and drive electronics for materials handling, pumps and agitators.

The two new sizes 5 and 6 supplement the previous portfolio with nominal torques of 15 and 20 kNm. There are now 11 sizes with a nominal torque range from 15 to 250 kNm.

The sizes 5 to 11 (nominal torques from 15 to 80 kNm) have also been supplemented by extruder flanges. Users benefit from generously dimensioned thrust bearings, which safely absorb the process forces and ensure a long service life. The "extruder flange" option can be individually tailored to the customer's shaft and optimally adapted to the customer's requirements by means of various storage variants.

With a variety of options for input and output shafts, mountings, seals and monitoring (temperature, vibration, etc.), the extensive range of industrial gearboxes offers an extremely high degree of design flexibility for demanding applications.

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