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KTR0317KTR Systems has expanded the range of industrial brakes and is providing two Thruster brakes in front. The disc brake "KTR-Stop TB S" is available in three sizes, right and left. For a disc diameter of 900 mm, it generates braking torques up to 15.200 Nm. The drum brake "KTR-Stop TB T" is available in seven sizes. For a drum diameter of 710 mm, it generates braking torques up to 10.000 Nm.

In both series, the braking torque can be set directly on the brakes on site. The brake pads are either organic or made of sintered metal.

The spring-actuated Thruster brakes are equipped with reciprocators from Ed 230 / 50 to Ed 3000 / 120 and can be used both as an operating brake and as a safety brake. Your spring system is surrounded by a closed tube. This increases protection against damage and soiling. On request, the electrohydraulic brake systems can be equipped with further technical options such as automatic wear adjustment, manual fan device, limit switches for brake state and lining wear or damping. The drum brake is designed according to DIN 15435, the disc brake complies with the industry standard. Thus, the Thruster brakes can be easily integrated into existing systems. Main fields of application are cranes, winches and conveyor belts, also steel mills and material transport.
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