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kendrion0416SPS IPC Drives Hall 3A, Booth 111

While at the moment the choice for servo drives has been made mostly on the permanent magnet brakes suitable for many applications, modern spring pressure brakes have become a promising alternative. Kendrion offers eleven different sizes with holding torques from 0,3 to 130 Nm with the Servo Line series of spring-loaded single-disc brakes.

To increase performance, the new air gap tolerance is limited to a few hundredths of a millimeter by a patented manufacturing process. The service life of the brakes can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements depending on temperature and torque. In principle, the temperature range from -15 ° to + 120 ° C can be covered. In the standard version, the brakes can be mounted both on the flange and on the front. The built-in motor housing assembly or outside of the bearing plate is possible. Toothed driver-friction-disc connections minimize the backlash. This makes the new brakes suitable for almost all areas in which servo drives work - from automation and robotics to packaging and conveyor technology, to production lines, storage systems or wind turbines.
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