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KTR has expanded to hydraulic brakes to a new size in the offer. The new "Stop XL" generated clamping forces up to 600 kN, can be inserted and aligned offshore fit in the low temperature range up -40 ° C. The split of the brake pads passive floating-caliper brake generate a high contact area ratio and can be in the pressurized state to set.

The two-part brake pads of the hydraulically operated KTR-Stop XL generate a high percentage of support and thus have a low surface pressure. This increases the coefficient of friction and the braking force increases. The passive floating caliper brake is made entirely of steel, weighs approx. 1100 kg and generates clamping forces up to 600 kN.

The brake pads are available in "organic" or "sintered metal" materials. In order to simplify the pad change on the often difficult to reach side, the fixation of the pads on the fixed caliper side is carried out with magnets. For this purpose, only the screws located on the sides are loosened, the pad holders removed and the pads pulled out to the side. A further technical feature is the adjustment screws installed in the brake pistons: they enable quick adjustment or adjustment in the pressurized state when the brake linings wear out.

The high-performance brake can be used in the low temperature range up to -40 ° C. For offshore use, it is provided with appropriate corrosion protection. In addition, all vital components are completely encapsulated. The floating caliper brake closes the force range between sizes L and XXL. Thus, KTR has a comprehensive portfolio of hydraulically operated, passive floating caliper brakes with a consistent performance spectrum from 2 to 1400 kN clamping force.
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