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mayr0314Argentina vs. Germany - the football event of the year is upon us. To millions of viewers can follow the games of the World Cup in front of the TV up close, coming on the football fields "flying" rope cameras. In the camera systems from spidercam care "Roba-stop-silenzio "brakes by Mayr Antriebstechnik for maximum functional and operational safety.

With a total of nine camera systems, the Rosentaler company is represented in Brazil. Roba-stop-silenzio safety brakes hold the camera securely in position and ensure that the camera stops in the event of a breakdown, for example in the event of a power failure, and reliably prevents it from sinking.

The camera carrier, also called dolly, is held by four ropes. Four electric winches are installed in each of the four corners of the stadiums. Starting from the winches, the ropes usually run over deflecting rollers attached to the stadium roof and then meet with the camera suspension. By controlled winding and unwinding of the winches, the dolly can move freely in all directions. The steering instruments are two joysticks, over which the pilot controls the winches. The proven rope camera robotsare made of high quality materials and are characterized by the greatest possible mobility and an uncomplicated structure.

Safety is an important issue, especially when flying over audience and players. Therefore, the safety brakes ensure that the cameras do not sink uncontrollably. The electromagnetic spring-applied brakes are installed in the four cable winches and operate quietly operated. This means that the brakes close after switching off the power. So even in the event of a power failure or emergency stop, the brakes provide reliable support for the cameras in any position. Two independently operating brake circuits ensure high operational safety. The maintenance-free and easy to install Roba-stop silenzioare the quietest safety brakes on the market, even after several hundred thousand shifts. They fulfill the strict requirements of BGV C1.
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