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Roba-linearstop1SPS IPC Drives Hall 4, 268 Stand

Mayr Antriebstechnik now offers an electromagnetic version of its backlash-free linear brakes series "Roba-linearstop". This complements the already established in the market pneumatically or hydraulically lifting variants. The electromagnetic brake operates on the fail-safe principle. It is closed in the de-energized state and thus meets the required safety aspects under all operating conditions including EMERGENCY STOP and power failure.

The braking force is maintained even if the brake is damaged, such as a break in the power supply. The braking effect is always ensured even in unfavorable conditions and malfunctions.

The electromagnetic design is preferably used when compressors or units for compressed air or oil hydraulics are undesirable. The electrical wiring can be inexpensively and easily laid, even if the brake moves with the carriage. Expensive components such as directional valves, quick exhaust valves and pressure hoses or piping are eliminated. The compact unit can be integrated very flexibly into different drive configurations quickly, easily and without complex adjustment work.

When moving the carriage, the brake rod shifts axially in the Roba-linearstop. It is kept free of play when closing the brake. Disc springs generate the braking force and transfer them to a chuck without clearance via a conical surface. This clamps the brake rod steplessly, without changing their position. When closed, the brake can be loaded in both directions of movement.

The Roba-linearstop works without self-reinforcing wedge effect and thus acts in both directions of movement. Due to the very short reaction time and force generation without wedge effect, the axle does not sag when closing - a big advantage over brakes with self-reinforcing wedge effect. The electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic versions of ROBA-linearstop are full safety brakes. They make it possible to brake axles from the movement reliably. Sliding speeds of up to 2 m / s are permitted for dynamic braking.

The operating voltage of the electromagnetic linear brake is 230 VAC. Due to the high forces, the release of the brake requires a high overexcitation voltage. Mayr has developed a special quick-release module for this purpose. The module applies 52 VDC to the brake 207 V coil. Electromagnetic Roba-linearstop safety brakes are currently available in sizes 40, 60 and 80 with 2000, 6500 and 17.500 N holding power. The complete product family in all types of actuation covers a holding force range from 450 to 40.000 N.

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