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mayr0513Mayr Antriebstechnik presents a new safe brake control for his Safety brakes the "Roba-stop" series. The brake control developed together with Pilz "Roba-SBC plus" is Safety contactor circuits technically superior in every respect. It offers, among other things, wear-free, electronic switching, dispenses with programming, saves wiring and reduces tree space. The module, which has been type-tested by TÜV, can be used up to the highest performance level PLe and SIL 3.

In order for safety brakes to reduce risk in machinery and plants, they also require safe control. The most dangerous machine parts include, for example, vertical axes or stage equipment. In order to protect people in this environment from dangers, the remaining functional risks must first be assessed in accordance with the safety standard DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and then appropriate measures taken to minimize the risk. The brake as a mechanical component falls under the functional safety according to this standard.

The safety brakes of the manufacturer work according to the "fail-safe" principle and are closed when de-energized. The brake control has the task to safely interrupt the current in the solenoid when switching off the brake. The brake control module works with wear-free electronic semiconductors, achieving virtually unlimited switching frequency and switching reliability. The fail-safe internal design of the control system includes internal diagnostics checks for short-circuit, short to ground and line interruption, as well as safe overexcitation for releasing the brake and switching to reduced holding voltage when the brake is open. Numerous other safety functions make it possible to carry out a comprehensive fault diagnosis, thus monitoring output voltage and switching times for the brake. The signal evaluation of the release monitoring with plausibility check enables a switching state monitoring of the brake.

By electronic, wear-free semiconductor contacts is the Roba-SBC plus much more reliable and secure than the contactor circuit and dispenses with complex hardware. The module replaces numerous function blocks. Their reduction saves wiring and installation space. The greatest potential for savings is tapped if the modules' performance is fully utilized and two brakes are simultaneously safely controlled. Connectable are brakes up to 5 A rated current, which do not have to be identical. ESimple parameterization and elimination of programming and validation complete the features of superiority.

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