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ace10213Success Story

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They are small, black and unimpressive. No wonder that even designers who "Tube "structure damper by ACE Shock not so well and keep more for Notstopper. That made of co-polyester elastomer machine elements to force limbers can be, this application proves in rough seas. The safe braking of maintenance boats to the wind farms located in the North Sea requires ever interception impact speeds up 0,5 m / s

ace40213On land, they are controversial, at sea, however they will generally a great potential in the course of the energy turnaround attributed: We're talking about wind turbines. With its huge proportions, the accumulation of many wind turbines for some viewers from afar even an attractive picture represents Since they viewed up close but still impressive, but not really nice, it stands to reason that their daily visitors tourists no, but service technicians.

In this application, the experts from the Dutch companies Wals Diving & Marine Service into play. They are charged with Undertake cable repairs and maintenance on the wind turbines. The landing was the whale-teams well as specialists of underwater work on the Netherlands also known for a very long time, a real adventure. For unlike the application to land is needed because of the swell and the limited spatial scope which are reminiscent of truck lifts construction to allow safe passage. The optical appearance suggests that this is a hydraulically moving basket.

ace20213The safety of all because it is to be seen, however, in the construction of a rigid object attached to the boat. For the captain of the boat maintenance, it is when you create, the entire weight of the boat and even 20% more safely slow. This mass increase can be explained by an anticipated impact velocity of 0,5 m / s and the force of the waves. For a long time the company was struggling out of the whale lying on the bay of the IJ harbor town of Ijmuiden to reason with damage to their lightweight, made of polyester transports. In addition, the integrity of the workers was always a potential residual risk. When looking for new and easy to integrate solution should be a conversion of the vessels can be avoided for cost reasons.

A million load cycles even in harsh environments

To even beyond Germany's borders first contact for cases which we have described, ACE Germany occupied with Han Titulaer and Ralf Küppers for years two men in the Netherlands. The Benelux team was after a brief description of the application quickly becomes clear that this is not important to a precise stopping. Such a condition was met, instead of industrial shock absorbers to look for suitable structural tube dampers. This would enable some 70% saving on costs, without going to the expense of safety, as would be the case with rubber bumpers or steel springs. These have the annoying habit to crumble or break relatively quickly either.

ace30213Made from co-polyester elastomer tube damper the other hand, are designed to 1 million load cycles. Four times a day starting at this pre-finished and maintenance free elements can be so easily bequeath also to future generations of ships. Her salt water resistant and ambient temperatures from-40 ° to 90 ° C aushaltendes material makes them ideal for use on the ships of the service professionals. After consideration of all key data such as the previously mentioned mass and impact velocity is Han Titulaer decided in close consultation with Paul van Tongeren, the Dutch designer from within the ranks of whale to build in four tube-type TS84 43. TS stands for the number of these machines axially soft damping elements 84 for the diameter and the maximum stroke for 43 in mm. Despite this small size and consequent weight of just over 400 g such an element is already in a position to take on continuous loads 460 Nm per stroke.

Higher efficiency in emergencies

Is the tube - as in most examples of its use - provided only for emergencies, this increases even on 644 Nm per stroke. Combined, the four machines elements perform their services so reliable that since their installation with a provided screw no more damage on 8 ton ship occurred.

To be prepared for more and more serious cases, provides the shock absorber specialist Total 6 series with more than 140 individual products covering in addition to the present linear characteristics also degressive and progressive, and in extreme cases even handling forces of nearly 18.000 Nm. In this particular case, Paul van Tongeren is convinced: "Everything works perfectly"He says, and is delighted that the tube machine elements as opposed to the boats and the controlled by them wind farms are maintenance free.

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