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ace0512As part of his master craftsman carpenter visited Klaus Manhartsgruber be combined with TV bar-furniture Rotoationsbremsen by ACE off. The horizontally oriented television part should be provided with a door and two glass doors, the vertically oriented bar area with a door made of wood and is rotatable about 90 ° Barklappe. The self-contained concept is taking into account the forces that occur when opening and closing the flap 7 pound against the use of rotary dampers.

These should make the opening and closing easier on the one hand, on the other hand protect the flap itself against overuse in the end positions and not least to prevent the pinching of fingers.

The little helpers are specially designed for opening and closing small hoods, compartments and drawers. The here used machine elements of the type RB FYN-U1-R / L 303 with a total length of 57 mm and a maximum diameter of 16 mm are predestined for installation in the wood panel to be turned. Since their radius of movement is limited, the use of the above types offered in addition to. Because they belong to the so-called limited rotation brakes whose working angle is a maximum of 115 °. For other cases, there are rotating rotations. In both cases, the abbreviated by the type designation "RB" machine elements are filled with silicone oil, which is displaced by a throttle or a gap. The braking torque is determined by the viscosity of the fluid and the cross section of the throttle.

The harmonious, smooth movement of the rotating brakes, which operate with a braking torque of each 300 Ncm, has already been used in many other applications - from integration into the opening slots of hi-fi equipment via the construction of retractable or swing-in cockpit components in luxury saloons up to drawers in pieces of furniture or silent toilet goggles and lids - proven that he can additionally enhance the quality and value of a product.

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