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Most of the currently commercially available brake elements for linear motion, purely as terminal units. They are not suitable for dynamic braking, but were only designed to the axes at a standstill to maintain safely. The "Roba-linearstop"By Mayr Antriebstechnik on the other hand is a full emergency brake after BG-test principles. It allows the axes of motion reliably decelerate.

The dynamic safety brakes of the series work according to the "fail-safe" principle. The braking force is generated by compression springs and transferred via a conical surface on a collet play. This collet clamps the brake rod steplessly, without changing their position. When closed, the brake can be loaded in both directions of movement. Dynamic braking can be performed from speeds up to 2 m / s.

Dynamic stops were tested on the case tester of the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of the BG test principle. According to the requirements of the employers' liability insurance associations, the test subjects are switched one million times statically without load and one million times with load transfer. With every 1000sten shift the movement is decelerated dynamically. The Roba-linearstop brake unit has easily achieved dynamic braking with maximum load in the endurance test 30.000. This makes it significantly better than the BG test principle, which requires only 1000 dynamic braking.

These safety brakes can be attached directly to standard-based cylinders according to DIN ISO 15552. They can also be easily, quickly and without complex adjustments in different drive configurations integrate. In contrast to other linear brake systems, the Roba-linearstop does not have to travel along the slide. This simplifies the supply of pneumatic lines. The brake can be bolted to a stationary machine part. The cylindrical piston rod is guided through the central bore of the brake and connected to the carriage of the linear drive.

When moving the carriage, this piston rod pushes axially through the brake unit. Closes the brake, the slide is braked dynamically and then kept free of play and exact position. The axis is secured in both directions of movement. The brake is pneumatically released with 4 to 6 bar, according to the set braking force. An integrated initiator permanently signals the switching state. The Roba-linearstop brake unit is available in four sizes with rated holding forces from 1,5 kN to 40 kN.

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