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ktrLarge moving masses, very high performance, abrasive materials, use at any temperature and any weather: drive systems in mining and materials handling are exposed to extreme loads. KTR Kupplungstechnik had exactly such conditions in mind when developing the new floating caliper brake KTR-Stop. In doing so, it was possible to build on the existing experience - after all, the company has been successfully designing and selling for many years Braking Systems in many countries of the world.

A striking feature of the KTR-Stop is the use of steel instead of nodular cast iron for the load-bearing components. Since steel has a higher modulus of elasticity, the system deforms to a lesser extent under high mechanical stress. Therefore, the performance potential of the braking system could be significantly increased. At the same time, this and other design features increase the force density by about 50%. Therefore, it is possible in many cases, to use the next smaller size for use. The resulting space and weight reduction brings significant benefits, especially in underground and offshore operations.

In addition to the complete encapsulation of the shafts, the pistons of the coupling with guide rings equipped. They serve as a wear ring and ensure that the pistons - the most expensive replacement part of the brakes - achieve a very long service life, even with heavy dirt load. An enlarged piston stroke allows the use of brake pad sets up to the carrier plate. This extends the maintenance intervals and increases the service life of the pads. To increase functional reliability, the brake is equipped with a hydraulic continuous flush, which can also be used for temperature control in low-temperature applications.

The intelligent control system "IntelliRamp", which enables program-controlled precise braking processes, predestines the brake for use in critical areas such as open pit belt conveyors. The combination of high braking power density and optimum controllability allows for better braking behavior matched to trailing belts.

The manufacturer offers brake solutions from 1 to 500 kN - in active or in spring-actuated design. This is also required for the large number of different fields of application. Stop KTR-Stop brake systems z. B. belt conveyor, bucket wheel excavator, reclaimer and stacker. At sea, rope winches, anchor winches and deck cranes are slowed down. And as azimuth and rotor brakes, the braking systems reliably keep wind turbines in check even in stormy headwinds.

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