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tsubaki0218If chain strands in machines have to be operated in pairs or several times in parallel and synchronously, it is necessary that the drive elements have exactly the same length. To ensure that offers Tsubaki the optional service "Match + Tag". This ensures that the chain strands have a max. Have a length difference of 0,5 mm.

If chains are operated in parallel and synchronously for conveying purposes and the chain strands are not tuned to the required synchronicity despite the same nominal length, problems such as twisting or slippage during operation can occur. This problem can be exacerbated over time as the chains wear out. Thus, an initially still working assembly becomes increasingly problematic. An earlier than expected chain exchange is the result.

The Match + Tag Service makes sense, because although industry standards provide a tolerance range for the chain length, they do not contain any statements regarding the combination of chain sets for parallel installed chain strands. Chain strands produced on the basis of these standards can thus differ significantly in their overall length if chain links with different tolerances were used.

The Match & Tag process begins after chain assembly with a precise length measurement of the chain segments. Subsequently, the chain segments are assigned lengthwise and marked as pairs or larger groups. The service is immediately available for the following chains: BS short link chains of sizes RS08B to RS32B, ANSI short link chains of sizes RS40 to RS100 and ANSI long link chains of sizes RF2040 to RF2100.

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