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Downtimes in the material flow result in significant production costs. These are often caused by the re-installation of timing belts or their replacement. Habasit therefore offers the right end connection for every timing belt application, which significantly reduces maintenance times.

The often difficult access to timing belt and the different dimensions in production lines make their replacement in wear or damage to a cumbersome procedure. New mobile stamping and heating presses of the manufacturer provide a remedy. With the finger punch AF-151 "Habasync" timing belts can be brought to the right length on site. Belts with different dimensions no longer need to be stocked. The belts can then be connected directly to the system with the likewise portable end connection heating press PF-151TB. This significantly reduces downtimes.

Even with many synchronous transport applications frequent replacement of the timing belt is required. The mechanical end connections "Hinge Joint", "Pin Joint" and "PA Hinge" make such changes extremely easy. The patented mechanical end connection Hinge Joint is a stable hinge connection and fully integrated in the timing belt. In contrast to other mechanical end joints, the Hinge Joint is transverse and stiff as well as bendable. The integrated processing of the hinges also allows a continuous application of drivers. The distances remain unchanged, the timing is not affected. The assembly is very simple and possible without special tools.

Precise holes in the pin-joint end joint pin joint provide stable guidance of the connection pins and guarantee safe and reliable use in almost all applications. The deflection diameter is not affected and assemblies are still possible. All common pitches and widths from 25 to 150 mm can be equipped with the end connection. The positive belt properties in terms of shape or noise are fully retained. Even with the surface coatings, there are no restrictions.

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