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tsubaki0317More and more onlineshops in industry and commerce are creating an increasing demand for highly efficient warehouses. Frequently, guide systems are used in their conveyor lines of rollers and belts, which are guided or driven via chains. These usually transport the goods not only in one direction, but also perform seamless changes of direction. Tsubaki Offers curved trailing chains which lead effortlessly through the curve.

These are manufactured as standard roller chains according to DIN standards. The curve speed is realized by an enlarged joint play. For this purpose, the bolts or bushes are designed with a higher clearance from the inner to the outer flap. This is achieved by means of a reduced bolt diameter and ball-shaped chain joint components. The other standard dimensions, such as chain pitch, roll diameter and internal width, are DIN-standard so that standard chain wheels can be used without any problems. As in the case of a standard chain, it is also important to ensure that the curved chain runs into the center of the sprocket track.

Depending on the application, the manufacturer offers a curved standard chain of carbon steel, a maintenance-free design as well as a stainless steel variant coated with increased corrosion protection. The range of applications can be expanded by means of built-in components. In addition to the use in logistics, the side-chain chains are suitable for production and cleaning in hanging lines of the textile, packaging and food industry.
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