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Tsubaki Offers solutions for companies that have suffered a loss of production and unplanned costs due to wear on the drive elements. Thanks to the high production and material quality, they offer a longer service life, higher fatigue strengths, payloads and other better properties than comparable products on the market. Visitors at the Hanover Fair were able to convince themselves of the further developed chains such as "Lambda", "Neptune" or "Super-H".

About 200 engineers are currently employed in the research and development department of Tsubaki, which is headquartered in the main drive chain plant in Kyotanabe, Japan. Here, a wealth of know-how based on the countless practical requirements flows into the further and new developments of the drive and conveyor chains as well as other drive elements. This year, Tsubaki is celebrating its 100 anniversary. At the Hanover Fair, the drive specialist presented the following chain innovations in addition to linear lifting systems, push chains, high-precision freewheels and backstops as well as shaft connections with high transmission capacities for trade fair visitors:

Standard chain with 20% higher service life

The drive specialist no longer has to prove that even the standard chain can meet the highest standards. The chains are manufactured according to BS / DIN and ANSI standard and often cut above average in terms of load capacity and wear. A high fatigue strength and the punch ring compaction on the closing link make the weakest link just as strong as the basic chain. Thanks senkrenieteter bolts, the chains can be easily disassembled. Lubricating grooves in the bushings ensure optimum and long-lasting lubrication of the chain joint. This year, the manufacturer is one step ahead in terms of wear resistance and once again improves the tribological conditions in the chain link. Internal tests prove an 20% longer service life compared to the previous generation.

Lubrication-free roller chains with 30% higher tool life

Tsubaki30217The roller chain Lambda has also been redesigned. In the latest generation, it is now suitable for series production in food technology by eliminating external lubrication. Although it also requires lubrication in the chain link, this lubrication is done via microscopic pores of a special, seamless sintered bushing. This was provided by means of a vacuum process with a lubricant which lubricates the chain from the inside out. While most of the lubricant remains in the chain, small amounts may migrate to the surface of the chain. For use in the food industry thus a low food grade lubricant is needed. The company has even developed this until it is ready for series production. The lubricant meets all NSF H1 requirements. Thus, it can safely be used wherever contact with food can occur. Here, too, the service life of the new lubricant has increased by 30% compared to the previous generation.

Carbon steel chain with maximum strength

Tsubaki20217For applications under alkaline cleaning agents or in humid environments, the drive specialist presents the new Neptune chain series. Thanks to an innovative surface treatment, it is particularly resistant to corrosion and chemicals - with maximum strength. During the new coating process, the high-grade carbon steel chain components are given a double protective layer. The specially developed synthetic resin coating protects the chain from mechanical influences and forms the first barrier for corrosive substances. The underlying primer coating prevents oxidation from penetrating all the way to the chain. Because the coating is done at low temperatures, the process does not affect the strength of the chain. Thus, the Neptune offers the same high tensile strength and payload as the manufacturer's standard chain products. Typical applications can be found in the food and packaging industry, waste management or in the sterilization of PET bottles.

High performance chains with up to 20% higher fatigue strength

Also in the anniversary year, the industry's demand for more and more resistant and more powerful drive chains is growing. Therefore, Tsubaki has also upgraded its high performance roller chains. The ANSI standard power struts already exceed the requirements of the standard in any case. Nevertheless, according to internal tests, the types of the HT, Super and Super H series now achieve twice the service life due to a change in the sleeve design. In addition, they now have fasteners with stamped ring compression as known from the standard chains ago. The optimized straps on the Super or Super H chains have increased the fatigue strength by five to ten or 20 percent compared to the previous generation. Thus, these are now at 40 or 60% above the values ​​of the manufacturer's standard chain.
Picture above: The reinforced high-performance roller chains clearly exceed the norm.

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