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steinbock0117While machine parts must be protected against contamination and influence against aggressive media, it must be ensured that eg. B. the worker is not injured in rotating parts such as shafts or spindles. This is done by appropriate protective measures such as bellows. For the special application Capricorn now a bellows with velcro or zipper in front.

Bellows are inexpensive and easy to assemble, as long as the machine or unit is still in the assembly. In the event that the customer complains at the acceptance of a danger point and requires protection, the bellows are suitable with velcro or zipper. These can be easily retrofitted. They are suitable for all bellows made of fabric materials, thermoplastic, leather as well as for rubber disc bellows and vulcanized standard bellows. These bellows are available from stock. You only need to be finished later with a Velcro or zipper. This is possible at short notice. So you do not need to wait 4 to 6 weeks for the new production of the bellows.
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