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iwis0117Iwis represents the Stainless steel chains of the brand "B.dry"Ago: The stainless chains are absolutely dry, extremely resistant to wear and dynamic high load capacity. They are maintenance-free and do not require any lubricant. This makes them suitable for applications in harsh environmental conditions and environments with water or steam applications and strict cleaning regulations.

The new precision chains are used wherever relubrication is undesirable or impossible, as in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in clean room applications or in paint lines. They are hygienic and run completely dry, because thanks to a high-performance plastic plain bearing in the joint they get along without the use of any lubricant. Also, relubrication of the chains is not required. The sleeves made of high-performance polymer are highly durable, friction-efficient and FDA-compliant, contact with food or hygienic articles is harmless. The carrier sleeves made of stainless steel are thin-walled, seamless and ball-calibrated.

The CF base chain is made of austenitic stainless steel, which results in a very high media resistance. The wear life is significantly longer than with comparable chains: when dry, it is twice as long, with initial lubrication even four times longer, as running tests with resulted. The chains are dry in the state free of Lackverbetzungsstörenden substances (LABS), which is crucial, for example, in painting lines in the automotive industry. B.dry chains are manufactured in length tolerances according to ISO 606. They can be used in a temperature range from -100 ° to + 200 ° C. Versions as roller chains with attachments or extended bolts are possible, on request also ANSI chains as well as customer-specific versions.
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