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The long-lived "Habasync "Timing Belt They are suitable for use in the packaging industry, where they ensure the exact positioning of components in the stop-and-go operation of automated packaging lines. With special coatings and standardized or individually designed carrier profiles, they fulfill a wide variety of transport and drive tasks. Clever Endverbindngen ensure a fast and smooth tape change.

For packaging from filling and film shrinking to labeling to box transport, there is a wide selection of coatings available, such as HAL, NAG, Linatex, HAT-W, PU yellow, Supergrip or PU film. These allow the flexible adaptation of the conveyor to the respective conveyed. Additionally applied profiles are used to separate, sort and accurately place components. At the customer's request, the manufacturer produces carriers in special shapes and dimensions as well as toothed belts with millings or perforations.

The pin-belt end connection solution "Pin Joint" combines the security of a reliable and stable end connection with the advantage of a quick installation. All common pitches and widths from 25 to 150 mm can be equipped with special steel pins for the end connection. The positive belt characteristics in terms of shape or noise are fully retained. Also, the tooth profile is not changed. In the area of ​​the connection, only the recesses for the steel pin slots can be seen. Even with the surface coatings, there are no restrictions.

For the Habasync timing belts, the engineers have developed the patented mechanical end connection "Hinge Joint". It also enables a quick and easy change of timing belt. The sturdy hinge connection is fully integrated in the timing belt and ensures easy handling when changing belts. All teeth are completely and completely preserved. The belt can be used as usual and there are no disadvantages for the application. In contrast to other mechanical end joints, the Hinge Joint is transverse and rigid as well as bendable. The integrated processing of the hinges also allows a continuous application of drivers.
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