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Tsubaki10316In the food and packaging industries, or waste case economic components are often particularly strained by alkaline detergents or humid environments. Tsubaki presented for such applications, the new chain series "Neptune", which is particularly corrosion and chemicals thanks to an innovative surface treatment and offers maximum strength.

In the coating process, the high-quality chain components made of carbon steel receive a double protective layer. The specially developed synthetic resin coating protects the chain from mechanical influences and forms the first barrier for corrosive substances. The underlying primer coating prevents oxidation from penetrating all the way to the chain. The coating is applied to all components prior to chain mounting to ensure complete protection. Because the coating is done at low temperatures, the process does not affect the strength of the chain. Thus, the Neptune offers the same high tensile strength and payload as the manufacturer's standard chain products.

Tsubaki20316The high quality carbon steel chain can even be used in underwater applications. Another typical application is the sterilization of PET bottles. Neptune is available as a roller chain and as a conveyor chain with single and double chain pitches in sizes from ½ to 1 inches, according to ANSI or BS / DIN standard as drive chains and as chains with attachments such as angle brackets, drive lugs or extended bolts. The latter also applies to long link chains of sizes 1 to 2 inches acc. ANSI standard. Further chain sizes can be produced on request.

In tests, the Neptune chain has demonstrated very good resistance to alkalis such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. The two chemicals are widely used in the food industry for cleaning and disinfection. Under the influence of a 5% caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), the chain worked more than 2000 highly reliable. She also showed no sign of rust after 700 hours salt spray test. Unlike other standard industrial coatings, which may contain harmful hexavalent chromium or other pollutants such as lead, cadmium, mercury or arsenic, the newly developed coating is RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly.
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