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tsubaki0216A traditional wear test is often subject even with sprockets only the subjective assessment by the examiner. The consequences are always associated with costs: either the spare part is replaced too early or there is a failure of the machine, because the chain is no longer functional. Tsubaki now creates the problem with a patented wear indicator from the world.

With it, the sprocket wear can be clearly identified. With a chain pitch of> 38,1 mm, the sprocket can be replaced in good time before failure. Early failures are thus passé. Even more: even a too early investment in spare parts is avoided. This allows maintenance engineers to plan exactly the required maintenance. This in turn has a positive effect on the reduction of the total cost or total cost of ownership (TCO).

The wear indicator works simply and effectively: it is attached in the form of markings on the side of the sprocket near the sprocket teeth, and thus exactly where the roller of the drive chain exerts the most pressure on the sprocket. Over time, this is where the sprocket profile wears out. A marking on the sprocket indicates when the tooth flank reduced by material removal must be replaced.

The wear indicator can be used on ANSI standard sprockets with 31,75 mm to 63,50 mm pitches and customized sprockets as of 50,8 mm. By default, the sprocket teeth are offered hardened to withstand the highest impact loads. Such components are used mainly in mining in crushers, reclaimers, Suttelcars or Erdbohrmaschinen as well as the bulk material handling as it occurs in bucket elevators, conveyors or drum drives.
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