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nexen0216The latest generation of rack and pinion systems from Nexen offers new possibilities for positioning. The thermoplastic rack of type "Versa Rack" is corrosion-resistant, durable and low maintenance. It has an average accuracy and load and provides a cost effective alternative to traditional rack made of metal.

Pinion rack and pinion systems are linear drives that are indispensable in many linear positioning systems. The Versa Rack racks are suitable for picking, marking and gantry systems, conveyors and CNC routers for wood, plastics and composites. This involves large amounts of chips, which can affect the lubrication of steel racks. Versa Rack is made of a self-lubricating polymer. The rack can be operated at full speed without additional lubrication, making it a cost-effective alternative for cleanrooms and the food and pharmaceutical industries. It can handle splashing water, is suitable for outdoor use and can be used even in salty coastal climates and other harsh or dirty environments.

The backlash of the Versa rack rack is below 3,2 μm, the position accuracy is ± 580 μm, depending on the selected pinion. Depending on the selected pinion size, the thermoplastic racks can be loaded with 500 to 1200 N. The combination of Value pinion with thermoplastic rack can be combined with 480 to 750 min-1 or 2 m / s.
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