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Tsubaki01161Success Story

Roller chains found not only in bicycles or motorcycles use, but also in countless industrial applications. Thus, the roller chain is an essential component for many drive and conveyor systems and still offers one of the most efficient methods for transmitting power. In the present application from the paper industry helped the maintenance-free "Lambda" chain Tsubaki once more, to make production more profitable.

Significant differences in price and quality also exist in the drive chains. Machine builders value high durability and low downtime, but rather invest in a higher-quality chain like the Lambda roller chain of the premium manufacturer. Even if this roller chain is a traditional technology, there are always cases of use that still demand it today.

Problems with papermaking

At one of the market leading sanitary paper manufacturers, paper rolls were fed through a storage system to a cutting machine where they were cut to length. Originally, this cutting machine was equipped with a standard lubricated chain. Now every paper roll carries paper dust, which it releases to the environment as it moves. The lubrication on the chain acted like a magnet for the paper dust settling on and especially in the chain joints. Over time, they increased in such a way that the relubricant could no longer penetrate. Thus lacked the necessary lubrication in the chain joint, which led to premature wear and also limited the mobility of the joints.

Low-maintenance solution provider

Tsubaki01163To solve the problem, the drive specialist recommended that the cutting machine be converted to the low-maintenance lambda chain. Two chains move the paper rolls in parallel in the machine. So that they are optimally adjusted to each other, Tsubaki offers the so-called "Match & Tag" service. This optional process aligns parallel running chains so that the chains can be set with an accuracy and minimum length tolerance of max. 0,5 mm difference parallel to each other. The result of these changes in the production process is something to be proud of: the lambda chain prevents contamination of the product and the machine and reduces the amount of dust settling in the joints. The maintenance effort is reduced and the service life increased.

The low-maintenance roller chain does not have to be lubricated throughout its lifetime. This is achieved by special oil-impregnated sintered bushes. They ensure that there is always enough lubricant in the chain link. The self-lubrication results in a long service life of the chain. The non-existent lubrication system reduces operating costs. In addition, eliminates the contamination caused by lubricant what the environment pleased.

Continuous development

Tsubaki02163The basic design philosophy of the Lambda chain has been maintained since its introduction. Although there were hardly any noticeable changes externally, the developers regularly improved the performance of the chain. For example, they optimized material selection and manufacturing processes. The further developments aimed to achieve a nearly perfect roundness of the bushings for optimum power transmission and to bring more lubricant into the sintered bushing.

The maintenance-free lambda chains are used today in many applications - whether as a standard version or as a customer-specific solution. For example, there is a version with food grade NSF-H1 lubricant or one for the high temperature range for more than 150 ° C ambient temperature. Other variants also protect against contamination by sealing the chain link. Of course, the chains can be equipped with ANSI or BS / DIN standard also with driver or angle brackets.

Picture above: The lubricant is in the sintered bush
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