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KTR has developed a torque arm for torque motors, the use of which can increase the service life of the motor bearings up to 50%. The "Radex-N FNZ" transmits torques up to 12.000 Nm and is up to a temperature of 250 ° C. It ensures a torsionally rigid connection of the engine and compensates for axial and radial movements, resulting from misalignment, manufacturing tolerances or thermal expansions.

As a result, the bearing load can be reduced. The special design of the torque arm ensures a very torsionally stiff torque transmission at the same time. This means that the connected torque motors can transfer the full performance in terms of dynamics and control accuracy to the machine axis.

By using the all-steel torque arm, the user creates a detachable screw connection to the torque motor, making it easy to carry out necessary maintenance such as replacing bearings or seals. The shaft connection as in the case of clamping elements can be mounted in the intermediate section of the mounting frame when the torque arm is installed.
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