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As before about 2000 years regarded as the inventor of paper Chinese Tsai Lun produced the first bamboo-made paper, he laid the foundation for an entire industry - the pulp and paper industry. Over the centuries, the methods and processes in papermaking were immensely improved. Today the industry places high demands on industrial production and their components. Tsubaki provides the highest quality drive elements for these special and demanding requirements.

From the fiber to the finished paper roll, papermaking is a process in which the products are in continuous motion in paper webs. Any unscheduled disruption to the highly automated and interdependent manufacturing processes will cost the operators a significant amount of time and money. Reliable products in the relevant places are therefore essential for uninterrupted and efficient operation. As a manufacturer of quality products, TSUBAKI makes this possible. From drive chains and sprockets to conveyor chains to clutches and reduction gears, the drive specialist has a wide range of products for operators looking to increase productivity and profitability.

Great impairment due to paper dust

The industrial production of paper today takes place at high loads in an environment of heavy paper dust. Paper dust can severely affect moving machine elements such as chains. Heavy dust contamination can severely disturb the lubrication conditions in the chain link and cause premature wear or stiffening of the chain links. The consequences would be more frequent maintenance and service costs as well as rising costs. Both lead to a reduction in productivity and inefficient production.

The drive elements help to increase service life in drive and conveyor systems. For example, the lambda chain requires no additional lubrication. Sprockets are equipped with specially hardened sprocket teeth. Backstops with a special seal prevent unwanted backward movement of conveyor systems and ensure continuous material flow. Shaft couplings with lamellae provide optimum power transmission with optimum compensation of shaft misalignments. In a brochure, the manufacturer shows these and other products that are predestined for use in the paper industry.

The drive specialist invests heavily in the research and development of its products and offers a wide range for all types of industries and environments. So for most applications, a solution is available that often lasts longer than the original version. This allows operators to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO).
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