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WittensteinWittenstein alpha-hardened presents the new generation High-performance rack and thus completes the portfolio of linear systems. Through efficiencies up to 97% arise especially in applications with high feed forces and deployment durations significant energy savings. The company has responded to market demand for more compact solutions with the same performance: The hardening guaranteed a huge increase in tooth root.

The result is a significantly higher linear force with the same geometry. With the same performance values, the customer can choose a smaller rack size for the rack or transfer higher forces with the same module. Considering the "Total Cost of Ownership", for example, compared to a linear motor, energy savings potential of up to 20 € per operating hour at a medium-sized milling center can be achieved.

Which combination of gear, pinion and racks is the most efficient for the respective customer application, the engineer determines with the help of the design software "cymex". It calculates the optimum selection of the individual components, adapted to the respective engine. With the start of the project, Wittenstein alpha will provide a system guarantee for functionality and performance features.

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