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Mulco launches the new "Brecoflex move AT10" for the first time -Polyurethane Timing in front. It was specially designed for high performance drives with the highest stiffness requirement. A newly developed steel cord tension member with a slightly raised diameter increases the stiffness by almost 70% compared to the predecessor and yet is bend-friendly. At the same time, the tensile strength and permissible tensile forces could be increased by the increased tensile cross section.

Larger tensile forces also cause higher stresses in the tooth root and higher surface pressures on the tooth flank. With the help of the finite element topology optimization, by redistributing material, a tooth geometry could be developed that distributes the load on the tooth more evenly and yet fits into existing AT profile toothed discs. The tooth flank of the toothed belt is additionally protected by a PE laminate, which is wear-resistant and achieves lower coefficients of friction.

The optimizations lead to a new high-performance belt with 25% less friction and 30% more transmittable circumferential force compared to the standard Brecoflex AT belt. Belt drives can now be made 30% more compact compared to the standard version. Depending on the pulley diameter, the narrower pulleys can save considerable costs. Brecoflex move AT10 polyurethane timing belts are available in widths from 25 to 100 mm and lengths from 1400 to 30.500 mm.
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