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Iwis provides conveyor chains in front of the feeding and assembly systems, which are designed as conveyor chains with running rollers, side bow conveyor chains, maintenance-free conveyor chains and conveyor chains classic. Elite accumulation chains available as free conveyor roller chains, conveyor chains with parts and finger protection and long limbs accumulation roller chains.

The accumulation conveyor chains with smooth-running rollers are energy-efficient, as they enable reduced drive performance compared with conventional accumulation conveyor chains. They offer an optimal load distribution, as each pin carries, a better support and thus a smoother running of the conveyed material by offset arranged conveyor rollers.

Maintenance-free chains of the product line "Megalife" have bushes and smooth running rollers made of hardened sintered metal and have a lubricant reservoir. They do not need to be relubricated, they remain clean and do not contaminate the conveyed goods. Side-bow accumulation chains offer a solution for modular deflection in conveyor systems. They are characterized by an extremely small minimum curve radius and, in the curved area, flat contact in the chain joint. Elite accumulation conveyor chains are available in standard or low-maintenance versions. For increased work safety and protection of the conveyed goods, Elite chains are also available as a version with finger and part protection. The gap from one storage roll to the next is covered here, which prevents finger interference during conveyance or penetration of small parts.

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