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tsubaki0214Tsubaki offers the "LS chain" a corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating chain hybrid - consisting of stainless steel and polymer. Compared to the pure stainless steel chain is the LS chain to at least 80% resistant to more than 30 liquids tested as vinegar, milk, alcohol and soap suds.

The stainless steel components include bolts, bushes and tabs, while the plain bearing bush made of polymer. The rollers can be designed in both materials, depending on the application. The permissible temperature range of the LS chain with stainless steel rollers is -20 ° to + 100 ° C, the chains equipped with polymer rollers hold -20 ° to + 80 ° C.

Compared to the manufacturer's standard stainless steel chains, the RS chain offers an 4-free dry-running life and even keeps 10 longer when using water lubrication. The fatigue strength is identical in both versions. The hybrid chain also stands for lightweight construction: Equipped with standard polymer rollers, it is 15% lighter; with large rollers 40%. It also runs 7 to 10 dB quieter.

The following application shows how, for example, the service life can be increased by using a hybrid chain: Sintered components are transported to a cleaning system by means of a stainless steel chain to remove grease. Both the sintered parts and the chain are washed in it with a cleaner. This excludes lubrication of the chain. The lack of lubrication in the original stainless steel chain led to the chain lengthening early on. This in turn increasingly caused problems in the process flow. By replacing it with a long link chain RF2040S-LSC LSC series stainless steel chain from TSUBAKI, the tool life has been quadrupled.

The RS chain is also used, for example, in the food industry and pharmacy.
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