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Montech shows in a promotion vehicle its Conveyor belts TB30 and TB40 as well as the transport system LT 40. The new conveyor belts TB30 and TB40 have efficiency-optimized drives and are compared to the existing conveyor belts manufacturer efficiently. At higher power density they require less energy.

With the same chassis width they have a wider belt surface and thus a larger usable area. The strap is easy and quick to change. The new conveyor belts have many variants and combinations: 45 up to 800 mm width, up to 10 m length and different drive variants.

The TB30 universal conveyor belt is available with head drive and center drive; It can be converted without belt change from head to center drive and vice versa. When converting from head to center drive only one pulley is required. With a conveying speed of up to 27 m / min, the TB30 can transport up to 100 kg in the conveying mode. The TB40 conveyor belt is compact thanks to the motor integrated in the drive shaft. The drive is provided by an 24 V motor, with which up to 80 kg can be transported in the conveying mode.

The LT40 transport system has a fully integrated and compact drive technology: The drive with a diameter of only 60 mm is integrated in the shaft and has no interference contours. It moves the conveyor belts of the LT40 almost silently. The drive has a regulated motor whose speed is freely selectable. Both ramp driving and changing the transport direction are possible. On the dual belt system, the individual workpiece carriers run at a speed of up to 20 m / min. These have a payload of up to 16,8 kg and can be equipped with RFID.
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