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Tsubaki1113Tsubaki has brought to the market, due to its modular design offers a high transfer capacity and is easy to install a lantern system. Thus, it represents a serious alternative to the rack system is subject is based on the principle of inverse roller chain system can be realized with both linear and rotational motion. The modular design with straight or curved headstock provides flexible elements and individual design engineers.

The trunks of TSUBAKI resemble a solid roller chain with pitch, internal width and roles. Pitch distances from 20 to 120 mm enable tangential force transmission of up to 122,5 kN at speeds of up to 50 m / min. In radial applications such as drums or turntables, diameters from 0,4 to 11,5 m can also be realized. The triebstöcke are driven by a pinion with a coordinated flank design. Even in the case of a reversing operation, the special flank geometry of the pinion with minimal clearance from 0,26 to 1,57 mm, depending on the design, ensures quasi-jolt-free running. Pinion induction hardened teeth and heat treated bushes and rollers provide a long service life.

The assembly is extremely simple and quick to implement. It is done via screw connections. Different types of mounting are available, which allow additional flexibility: Either the lantern is simply designed for lateral mounting or it has been additionally equipped with brackets for a flat mounting.

In order to meet the requirements of the corrosive environment, there are stainless steel versions in addition to the coated propulsion systems. The stainless steel versions are also suitable for use in a temperature range from -20 ° to + 400 ° C.

The new rack and pinion system is used in a wide range of applications: for example, it already proves itself in a drum drive for mixing plants, as a robot arm for an electric furnace in a steel mill, in a sorting plant for animal feed or for tracking solar panels. Further application options are in aircraft construction, filter systems or large-scale plant construction.

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