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Habasit has placed an emphasis on the reduction of energy consumption and the life cycle of its bands under its Green-concept program. A crucial factor in terms of energy consumption is the coefficient of friction of the conveyor belts and straps. The new "Eff-line" bands have a specially designed impregnation, which reduces the friction of the belts while making it more resistant. In addition, the product range "HabaSYNC" Timing will be for exact placement and accurate overclocking in the assembly to see.

The Eff-Line tapes reduce the energy consumption of a system by up to 45%. Because the higher the sliding friction of a conveyor belt in the conveying process, the greater the energy requirement. The specially developed impregnation of the fabric tapes reduces the sliding friction of the tapes and at the same time makes them more resistant. High quality materials and coatings also enable an extended life cycle.

The timing belts of the Habasync product line are equipped with the end joint Habasync Hinge Joint. It enables a fast and uncomplicated change of the timing belt and thus reduces downtimes. The sturdy hinge connection is fully integrated in the timing belt and ensures easy handling when changing belts. Especially with large machines or facilities that are difficult to access, can be omitted by the use of this novel end connection a time-consuming disassembly or remodeling on site.

The Habasync timing belts are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), combined with high-strength steel or aramid, which prevent elongation as tension members. Depending on the application requirements, for example frequent changes of direction and speed, reinforced tension members are also used. Exact size, shape and quality of the timing belt allow precise positioning of products in assembly and conveying processes. More than 60 coating types provide the right grip during transport, ensure low-noise operation, are abrasion-resistant or resistant to chemical influences.

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